Andrew Viner at Mccully and Crane Art Gallery

PRIVATE VIEW, Friday 23rd Feb 2018 6:30 - 9pm
Show opens Sat 24th February

With this show at Mccully and Crane ART, Andrew is showing a selection of new paintings. All originating from his mantra of ‘a simple image’. This can be a representation of not only a place, but also an experience. Something we feel or have felt, an emotion or moment that can only be portrayed with painting.

The raw coastline, dark seas and imagined ships upon it, can possibly be seen as a visual representation of our essentials of existence. We are small ships on vast oceans.

As well as ships and the sea, Andrew has some new landscapes in the exhibition, all inspired by walks locally, as well as trips to the Cornish coast. Again these landscapes are simplified to just the most crucial elements.